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I-dea-system is the innovative electromechanical management system for beer dispensers patented by a wholly Italian company, ODL s.r.l.

Thirty years of experience in designing, manufacturing and producing components for drink dispensers (beer, wine, water, etc) have made ODL one of the most renowned and reliable players on the scene.

O.D.L. is pursuing ambitious growth objectives thanks to the production of projects developed in the past, product and market diversification and a number of technological innovation programs.


I-dea System is easily installed on all existing systems and can replace up to 4 old pressure reducers. It allows all the components to intelligently communicate, regulating pressure according to the keg’s inside and outside temperature.

The system dispenses carbon dioxide only when necessary, that is, while dispensing.

CO2 Savings (between 30 and 50% less carbon dioxide).Thanks to the communication between components, I-dea System regulates CO2 pressure according to the keg’s inside and outside temperatures, achieving savings of up to 50%.

It also reduces waste when changing kegs (approximately one litre of beer per keg) because the system issues a warning when it becomes necessary to change the keg.

If the system goes out of balance, I-dea-System automatically resets all its parameters and restarts without outside interventions, thus avoiding foam forming, wasting time and an interruption of the dispensing service.

Quality. A less than ideal pressure for the keg’s inside temperature alters the beer’s flavour.

But I-dea-system continuously manages CO2 pressure and saturation, preserving the beer’s quality.

The system warns the landlord and the distributor when it is time to sanitize the system, and if sanitization is not carried out, it stops dispensing until the cycle is completed correctly.

Analysis. I-dea-system can gather, process and send data to landlords, distributors and manufacturers.

Data analysis and consumption forecasts make it possible to optimize warehouse management and production, limiting storage time to a minimum.

Every retail point can even check the exact number of beers sold for each keg because the system can be connected to the cash register.

Safety. I-dea-system is programmed to send a text message to report any anomaly.

It can carry out a diagnostic on the system providing information to prevent and solve problems, limit maximum pressure inside the keg, detect gas leaks, and even shut down the system in case of danger.


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